I was first introduced to the Afternoon Tea habit in 2012 when one of my sons bought my husband and me a voucher to have Afternoon Tea in the Indian Room at Blenheim Palace near Oxford. From that day on I was hooked and now we seek out places to have Afternoon Tea wherever we go to in the British Isles. We have had a lot of good teas and a few not so good teas and every now and then we find a really really good tea.

I hit on the idea of ‘scoring’ each tea quite early on. I did it purely for myself at first but over time people started telling me I should make it into a blog so that others could have a look and maybe find it of some use or interest to them. As a result I have at last got around to setting up this blog shortly after visiting our 68th venue!! It will take some time to transfer the details all on to this site but I hope in time it might prove to be of interest to someone.

All opinions voiced on the blog are strictly my own. Visits are always secret, no venue knows in advance that I could be reviewing their Afternoon Tea. The scoring system was decided by me and reflects what I felt about each Afternoon Tea as is was served to us on that day. It is important to understand that things can change and also that what one person thinks is really good could be thought of in a completely different way by another person. That said, I do try to be objective in my opions and to be as fair as possible.

Each entry gives the price charged on the day we visited, the month we visited and a list of the content we were served on that day. I have also included, where possible, a photo of the Afternoon Tea and its different components. Each Tea is then scored out of 20 based on 10 different criteria. It is not the most scientific of scoring system but gives an idea of how each Tea compares to the others. I have also included some comments on each Tea.  As I mentioned, the original write ups were for me only so might not contain as much information as later entries.

All photos are my own and have been taken using my mobile phone. Those venues visited before June 2016 were taken on a Nokia Windows phone. From June 2016 onwards the photos were taken on a Samsung S6 phone. I make every effort to obscure any faces that have appeared in my photos in order to protect the privacy of those people.

I am based in Cambridgeshire so there is an obvious bias towards venues in this area. However, as I mentioned before, we try to find Afternoon Tea venues wherever we visit in the country, so other areas are included. Hopefully this will improve over time as we venture to different areas of the country.

If you visit any of the venues I have reviewed, please tell them that you saw my review on

Just remember, Afternoon Teas can be addictive. Approach with care!!!