First of all, it is not all about the score! A tea with a low score is not necessarily a bad tea, it just might be lacking in certain areas such as a very limited choice of cakes or sandwiches. The scoring system I have used is pretty basic and is based on my personal opinion on the day. It is just there to give a very rough idea of how the Afternoon Teas compare with each other.

The criteria that I use to get my scores is only a guide. I do not stick rigidly to it. For example, a tea with a good choice of cakes might be scored lower than a tea offering just a large slice of cake if the small cakes are of poor quality whilst the slice is generous and is particularly good. Also, a tea which is available at a particularly low price might be limited in some areas resulting in a lower score, whilst it could represent particularly good value and be perfect for a day when you have less room in your tummy for your tea.

Occasionally, I look back at the scores I have given various Afternoon Teas and I wonder why I came up with that particular score at the time. I have even thought of rescoring some Teas, either upwards or downwards. However, I have decided that the original scores should stand as that was what I felt was correct at the time. If I return to a Tea and feel it should be rescored I will do that but will make a note on the review that this has happened and will also record the original score.

The score for each tea is set out in a table at the end of each description. Remember this is my opinion only and what is important to me might not be important to you.


Score Chart (suggestions)

Sandwiches        2          (score 0.5 for variety, 0.5 for freshness and taste, 0.5 for size, 0.5 for quantity)

Scone                    2          (score 0.5 for freshness, 0.5 for size and shape, 1 for taste)

Jam                        2          (score 0.5 for no jar, 0.5 for taste, 0.5 for presentation, 0.5 for quantity)

Cream                   2          (score 1 for clotted, 0.5 for quantity, 0.5 for presentation)

Cakes (variety)   2          (score 1 for variety, 0.5 for quantity, 0.5 for presentation, )

Cakes (quality)   2          (score 0.5 for freshness, 0.5 for size, 0.5 for taste, 0.5 for over-all quality)

Tea                         2          (score 1 for re fill available, 0.5 for strength, 0.5 for presentation)

Presentation       2

Service                  2

Value                     2


Total                   20