Cost – £12.50 (October 2020)

Parking and Access – There is a public carpark right opposite the Tea Room. There was also some parking available on the road nearby. Access is up a set of steps to the inside. However, the garden area is accessible on the level. The inside toilets were currently closed due to the Corona virus pandemic. However, there were toilets in the garden area that were available for use.

Castle Cottage 2

Background – We booked a very last-minute break away on the spur of the moment. Obviously, we would need to find some Afternoon Teas to sample during the trip. The race was on to find places that were open on the days we were away! This actually proved quite difficult. It was now out of season for the area, and a lot of cafes and tea rooms were only opening for restricted days, or had closed for winter.

The Castle Cottage Tea Room looked like exactly what we wanted, so we were really pleased to find it was open when we would be in the area. We rang to make a booking and prepared to go away for our break.

Castle Cottage 1

Contents per person – Four triangular sandwiches (your choice from around nine different fillings listed in the menu. We chose chicken, cheese, rocket and mayonnaise and ham hock, piccalilli and cheddar), a small amount of salad and some tortilla chips. A medium sized scone (choose from plain, fruit or cheese. We both chose fruit), a mini pat of butter, a small dish of blackcurrant jam and a small dish of clotted cream. A slice of your choice of the available cakes (we both chose the coffee and walnut cake). A pot of tea.

Options Available – There are no options available for this Afternoon Tea.

Comments – The Castle Cottage Tea Room is situated right next to the entrance to Pevensey Castle, which is looked after by English Heritage. It has a pretty garden area, which was shut on the day we were there (it was really cold!).

Castle Cottage 3

Inside the Tea Room has a forties / fifties theme, with music playing in the background and items from the period around the rooms.

Castle Cottage 4

We were shown to a table near the main front door, which had been reserved for us. We were then given a menu to choose our sandwiches and tea from by a lovely friendly lady.

We both chose English Breakfast tea to drink. This arrived quickly in a large green teapot, accompanied by a light green jug of milk and two pretty matching teacups and saucers, and two sets of knives and forks wrapped in paper napkins. This was all placed on a pretty black patterned tray.


The tea was a little strong for us, so after a cup each, we asked if it could be topped up with just hot water. The lady brought us out a teapot filled with hot water, accompanied by two teabags so that we could have the tea how we wanted it. This was a really good idea, except that my companion didn’t understand and managed to pour himself a cup of hot water!


The Afternoon Tea arrived soon after the tea, served on a lovely three tier spindle type cake stand with mismatched round vintage plates.


The sandwiches were delicious! They were generously filled and were very tasty. They had been made freshly for us. We shared the sandwiches, so that we each had two of each filling. Both fillings were very good. There was also a small amount of salad and some tortilla chips to go with the sandwiches.


The scones were medium sized and had been warmed up. They were nice and fruity and tasted fresh.


There was enough blackcurrant jam for the two of us, but only just. There was a little bit more clotted cream.


Regular readers will know that we both enjoy a good slice of cake. Luckily, the cake we were served was as delicious as the rest of the Tea. The slices were generous and the cake was fresh and tasty. This really was a particularly enjoyable Afternoon Tea.


Service was very friendly and very good. The staff all wore masks and we felt comfortable and safe.

Cake (variety)1.5
Cake (quality)2.0

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