Cost – £16.95 (Nov 2021)

Parking and Access – The Le Strange Arms Hotel is found overlooking the beach at Old Hunstanton. There is a large carpark available right next to the hotel, with easy access to the reception area. The restaurant and lounge areas are found just inside the main entrance, and can be reached without steps.

Le Strange 2

The toilets are found near the reception area, and can also be accessed on the level.

Background – We have been visiting both Hunstanton and Old Hunstanton for many, many years. We have even stayed in the village of Old Hunstanton before. On this occasion, we were lucky enough to spot an offer we couldn’t refuse on a night at the hotel. We booked our stay and, of course, added an Afternoon Tea as well.

Contents per person – Four rectangular sandwiches (egg mayonnaise, ham, cheese and pickle, smoked salmon) topped with some pea shoots. One large fruit scone, a mini jar of raspberry jam, a mini jar of clotted cream and mini pats of butter. A chocolate truffle, a piece of millionaires shortbread, a macaroon, a mini blueberry muffin, a piece of lemon drizzle cake and some berries. A pot of tea.

Options available –There are no options available with this Tea.

Comments – On arrival, we were directed into the conservatory part of the lounge, which is located next to the main entrance. There was a table there reserved for us.

We were seated at a low, coffee type table, surrounded by four comfy chairs, in the corner of the conservatory, with distant views of the sea (the sea goes out a very long way at Old Hunstanton!).

Le Strange 1

The table was covered with a white linen tablecloth, with matching white linen napkins arranged in a fan shape, and chunky white crockery. We also had a full-sized knife and fork each.


The tea arrived quickly in a nicely shaped white chunky teapot, along with the milk in a matching white milk jug. It was of a good strength but the teapot was not very big. Luckily, we were soon offered a refill, which we accepted.


The Afternoon Tea arrived soon after, on a plain three-tier metal cake stand, with chunky round white plates.


The sandwiches were all well filled and were very fresh. They were topped with some of the seemingly ubiquitous pea shoots! All tasted good, and went quite quickly!


Our large fruit scones had been warmed up for us. They were particularly good and were definitely fresh.


I was very pleased to see we had been given raspberry jam for a change. I like strawberry jam, but I prefer raspberry or, even better, blackcurrant. We were given a mini Tiptree jar each. Unusually, the clotted cream was also in a small jar, just like the jam. I have had these small jars of cream before, but not very often. They contain a good amount of cream, but it can be a bit difficult to retrieve all the cream from the pot!


The cakes were accompanied by some scattered berries. There was a strawberry, some blueberries and some raspberries. There was also a chocolate truffle. That was really good!! The cakes were all fresh and tasted good. They were well presented on the plate. The macaroons appeared freshly made and were nicely sticky. The millionaires shortbread was a particular favourite for me.


Service was reasonably attentive. We were visited a few times to check all was ok and to offer more tea.

All in all, I would have to say this Tea was better and nicer than I had expected. Sometimes hotels seem to put a bit less effort in to their Afternoon Teas than a lot of cafes do. Maybe they rely on their captive audience? Or maybe they just see it as a side line they feel they have to offer. However, this was a delicious and well-presented Tea, which we both enjoyed very much.

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Cake (variety)2.0
Cake (quality)2.0

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