Cost – £18.50 (Aug 2016)

Background – Tuddenham Mill is a very attractive looking mill building in the village of Tuddenham near Newmarket. It has been converted into a hotel with rooms in the main mill building and also separately in the meadow behind the mill overlooking the mill stream. The original mill wheel can still be seen inside the hotel.

Booking is required at this venue.

Contents – 6 finger sandwiches each ( 2 each of cheese and chutney, ham and Smoked salmon with cucumber}, 1 medium sized fruit scone, a dish of raspberry jam, a dish of salted caramel and a dish of clotted cream. A piece of banana and olive oil loaf, a chocolate mousse pot and a pot of passion fruit with meringue. The tea was made with tea bags.

Comments – Our tea was served in a quiet bar area with views out over the mill pond. We sat at a table to one side which had been reserved for us.

The tea arrived first in a stainless steel teapot. The rest of the tea arrived soon after, presented on two pieces of wood plus a plate with three leaf shaped dishes on it containing the jam, caramel and cream.

There were two of each of the sandwiches per person. They were on mixed white and brown bread. All of the sandwiches were freshly made and well filled. My favourite was the cheese and chutney, as usual.


The scone was good but it was a bit on the small side for just one scone. The jam was delicious and there was enough of both jam and cream. However, we were unsure what we were meant to do with the caramel. In the end, we solved the problem by both eating some with spoons and some with the chocolate pot. It was delicious!


There was only one piece of cake and that was banana cake, which unfortunately I’m not very keen on. However, it was moist and fresh. My husband does like banana cake and he said it was tasty. On the other hand, the chocolate pot and the passionfruit pot were both absolutely delicious and more than made up for having banana cake! Both pots were of a good size (though I would always have enjoyed more!!) and were really good.


There was a choice of teas available. The tea was of a good strength. We managed to get the pot refilled.

The service was good but unobtrusive.


Sandwiches 2.0
Scone 1.0
Jam 2.0
Cream 1.5
Cake (variety) 1.5
Cake (quality) 1.5
Tea 1.5
Presentation 2.0
Service 1.5
Value 1.5
Total 16.0