Cost – £20.00 (Nov 2018) plus 10% service charge added automatically.

Parking and Access – There is plenty of parking in the large hotel carpark. There is level access possible from the carpark through to the restaurant. There are toilets available near the entrance to the restaurant. These are also accessible on the level.

Bedford Lodge Gentlemans 1

Background – We last visited Bedford Lodge Hotel way back in June 2015 so it was about time we visited again! This time there were four of us and we decided to try the Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea instead of the traditional version. It was late November and we were having Tea before going to see the Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey so we felt the Gentleman’s Tea would be the better option on this occasion.

Contents – A club sandwich (chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato), a thick slice of Newmarket sausage roll, a prawn wrapped in potato rosti, with a chilli dip, and a small beef and mushroom pasty. A large size scone (choice of either fruit or plain), strawberry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream. A slice of lemon cake, half of a small treacle tart and a piece of chocolate brownie. A pot of tea made with tea bags.

Options Available – There is a traditional Afternoon Tea available which can be taken with or without champagne. There is also a light Afternoon Tea available. The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea can also be taken with beer or cider.

Comments – A table was reserved for our Afternoon Tea in the restaurant of the hotel.

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The hotel was decorated for Christmas with Christmas trees at the entrance, in reception, and in the corner of the restaurant.

Bedford Lodge Gentlemans 2

The table was laid with pretty blue and white china and linen napkins.


We were asked what we wanted to drink. We chose our usual English Breakfast tea but also asked for a jug of water. We were given a large amber coloured glass each plus a jug of tap water for the table.


The tea arrived in a large white teapot, with a matching milk jug.


The first part of the Afternoon Tea arrived soon after. We were each given a three-tier cake stand with matching blue and white plates containing the savoury part of the Tea.


The sandwich was made with three pieces of toasted white bread. It was warm, well filled, and delicious.


The prawn in rosti was good with crispy potato around it, however, the chilli dip was really quite hot!


The pasty was also delicious but the best of all was the sausage roll which was really, really good!


When we finished the savoury, we were brought a second three-tier cake stand with the scones, etc. for everyone on it. We had all chosen fruit scones. The scones were a good size and were very fresh. However, they were very soft. There was not enough of either jam, lemon curd or cream but we were given a whole extra set of everything when we asked for a bit more. Butter was also provided on request for the member of our party who doesn’t eat cream.


Finally, we were brought a small piece of wood between two, with the cakes on it. The lemon cake had a nice sugary top but was not particularly lemony. The treacle tart was tasty, but the best part was the chocolate brownie. We were told it was tiffin but it was definitely a brownie.


The tea was a good strength for us and we were offered a refill, which we accepted.

The service was good though we had trouble attracting any attention when we wanted extra supplies for our scones.

Bedford Lodge Gentlemans 5


Savouries 2.0
Scone 1.5
Jam 1.5
Cream 1.5
Cake (variety) 1.5
Cake (quality) 1.5
Tea 1.5
Presentation 1.5
Service 1.5
Value 1.5
Total 15.5

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