Cost – £25.95 plus delivery for a hamper (April 2020)

Parking and Access – This tea was taken in the outside area of the venue. There is one step down to enter the garden. The toilets are inside and up a flight of stairs with no alternative access. There is on-street parking available in front of the venue.

Background – Ok, I have to admit, I made a bit of a mess up with this Tea. It was supposed to arrive in time for last weekend but I managed to skip a week on the calendar and put the wrong date down. When it didn’t arrive when I expected, I contacted the company, who replied promptly to say it had been booked for the week after. They did offer to try and send it out earlier, which was kind of them, but I left it to come on the date I had originally asked for. When they told me, I remembered writing the wrong date. How silly!!

The Cornish Scone Company is a smaller company than the others we have tried. It has a good choice of hampers mentioned on its website, but some are currently unavailable. We chose the, delightfully named, ‘Love You’ Cream Tea Variety box.

Contents – Four sandwiches (two each of ham with homemade fig, apple and apricot chutney and roast beef with homemade caramelised red onion relish). The sandwiches were not included in the Tea. One very large scone (choose from plain, fruit or cherry), a mini jar of Boddingtons Berries strawberry jam and a pot of Rodda’s clotted cream. A large triangle of chocolate chunk brownie, a large triangle piece of malteaser tiffin and a large heart shaped jammy dodger biscuit. A choice of tea or coffee (we chose tea and received two individual wrapped Cornish tea trading company teabags).

Options available – There were no options available to add to this Tea.

Comments – The Afternoon Tea was delivered by the Royal Mail along with our post in the morning. It arrived in a surprising small box,


which was opened on arrival and the clotted cream, which was in an insulated package, placed in the fridge.


Once again, we were lucky enough to be able to serve our Afternoon Tea in the garden in the sunshine. We chose the same brightly coloured plates with matching teapot and a white milk jug. One day we will find the matching cups too!!


The tea was made with the included Cornish Tea Trading Company’s Smugglers Brew teabags. It was of a reasonable strength and had a good flavour.


We served the Afternoon Tea itself on a two-tier cake stand with pretty flower-patterned plates. The sandwiches were served on a separate cake stand decorated with strawberries.


We managed to make two different varieties of sandwiches for this Tea. We used a delicious sesame seed sourdough bread from a local bakery (Maison Clement). We filled the sandwiches with thick ham with homemade fig, apple and apricot chutney and roast beef with homemade caramelised red onion relish.


The scones were very large. They were of the firmer more traditional type. We were able to choose between plain, fruit and cherry scones. We chose cherry, but I have to say, neither of us found any evidence of a cherry in our scones.


Despite that, they were delicious, fresh and light. We warmed the scones in the oven for our Tea.


The jam was in two mini jars. There was enough for the large scones. The jam was very nice, with pieces of strawberry present.


There was enough of the clotted cream for the scones, though it was quite stiff again making it hard to spread.


The three sweet items were all very generously sized. In fact, they were so large, we had to pause our Tea after the first, and restart later in the evening as we were full!


The giant jammy dodger biscuits were made with two heart shaped shortbread biscuits joined together with jam. The biscuits were crisp, delicious and very filling!! They were also attractive and unusual.


The double chocolate brownie was also large and was really, really good. It was quite moist and very tasty indeed.


The malteaser tiffin was a similar size and was made in layers. The bottom was made with dark chocolate, the middle with white chocolate and the top was milk chocolate topped with three malteasers. It was tasty, but I would have expected some fruit in the tiffin rather than just chocolate and biscuit.


I am scoring these postal Afternoon Teas in a slightly different way. I have based my presentation score on the way the package was presented and the state it was in when it arrived. The package received this time was small but very well packed inside.


I have decided to give the sandwiches a full score of two. Not because they were perfect by any means, but I feel this is the best way to keep the score for the rest of the Tea in line with the scores for ‘normal’ Teas with everything included.

Finally, I have based my service score on the service we received from the on-line company. The Cornish Scone Company website was well presented and clear. Also, the service I received regarding my own mess up with the dates was very good. I had also received an email thanking me for my order.




Savoury 2.0
Scone 1.5
Jam 1.5
Cream 1.5
Cake (variety) 2.0
Cake (quality) 1.5
Tea 1.5
Presentation 1.5
Service 2.0
Value 1.5
Total 16.5