Cost – £15.00 (Oct 2020)

Parking and Access – Parking is not easy. We eventually managed to park in a side road, a short walk away. There are two steps up into the tearoom. There are toilets available in the Tea Room which has flat access.

Earl Grey 1

Background – We chose this tea room to visit on the way home from our visit to Eastbourne. We noticed that Royal Tunbridge Wells was going to be at a convenient point of our journey, so I hit the internet to find a place to have an Afternoon Tea. The Earl Grey Tearooms looked interesting, and relatively easy to locate from our route, so we booked a table.

Contents per person – 3 rectangular sandwiches (choose a filling each from a choice of around eight on the menu. We chose coronation chicken, and cheddar cheese with apple, date and walnut chutney). 1 medium sized scone (your choice from fruit, plain or cheese. We chose fruit), a small bowl of jam and a small bowl of clotted cream. A slice of cake from the display (we chose coffee and walnut and chocolate orange). Any hot drink from the menu (we chose a pot of tea).

Comments – We were shown to a table near to the counter in the tea room. The waitress then brought us a menu to choose our sandwiches and drink from. The table was laid with pretty non-matching vintage china plates, topped with a knife and fork and a paper napkin each.


We chose a pot of English Breakfast tea to drink.

The tea arrived quickly in an attractive vintage teapot, along with a jug of milk and a tea strainer. The tea was made with loose leaf tea. The tea was of a good strength for us. We were offered a refill, which we had.


The main Afternoon Tea arrived shortly after. It was served on a spindle type cake stand with three tiers. The plates were all non-matching vintage china plates.


The sandwiches were freshly made when we ordered them.  They were very well filled and were quite large. Both fillings were very tasty, we couldn’t decide which one we preferred. They were accompanied by a small amount of cucumber. We had been given a choice of brown or white bread and chose to have the chicken on white bread and the cheese on brown.


The scone was medium sized, fresh and warm. It was also very tasty. There was plenty of jam. However, there was only just enough clotted cream.


The cake part of the Afternoon Tea was our choice from several cakes and slices on display on the counter. There was a good choice available.

Earl Grey 2

We chose to have a slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a slice of chocolate orange cake. The slices were a good size, and the cakes were clearly freshly made. They were both very good and we enjoyed them.


Service was good throughout. We were visited and spoken to on several occasions to check all was ok. The tearoom was not very large, but was busy and had a pleasant atmosphere.

Earl Grey 3


Cake (variety)1.5
Cake (quality)2.0

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