Cost – £16.95 (July 2022)

Parking and Access – There is a small car park available nearby. It is just the other side of the railway crossing to the Tea Room. There are steps up to the entrance, but there is a removable slope available for wheelchairs

There are ladies toilets available in the building. These are accessible on the flat. There is also a unisex and disabled toilet near the entrance.

Background – My family have always had an interest in trains, so when we found out that there was an Afternoon Tea available at Ridgmont Station, we knew we would have to try it out.

The Tea Room and Heritage Centre are housed in the former station buildings at Ridgmont, near Woburn and Milton Keynes. The line is still open, though there is currently not a lot of traffic on it. It is the Marston Vale line between Bletchley and Bedford.

Ridgmont 1

There is also a small museum housed in parts of the building. This is free to visit and contains some interesting items.

Options Available – There were no options for this Afternoon Tea.

Contents (per person) – Six triangular sandwiches (smoked salmon with cream cheese, roast beef with tomato, ham with tomato, egg mayonnaise, cheese and pickle, chicken and bacon) plus a mini vegetable quiche. A lemon posset. One large fruit scone. A mini Tiptree pot of each of strawberry jam, plus a pot of clotted cream. A chocolate striped strawberry, a mini pavlova, a square of vanilla sponge and a square of chocolate brownie. A pot of tea.

Comments – First of all, we had a look around the small heritage centre before going in to the Tea Room for our Afternoon Tea.

Ridgmont 2

We were shown to reserved table in one of the two rooms that form the Tea Room.


It was laid with matching plates, cups and saucers, along with a paper napkin. There was also two three-tier, spindle type cake stands waiting, empty, on the table. There were four of us in our party.


We sat down and were asked for our drinks order. We asked for a pot of tea for three, plus a glass of milk for the fourth member of our group.

The tea and milk arrived quickly. The tea was in a large patterned tea pot, along with a smaller flowered jug of milk. The tea, which was made with tea bags, was just the right strength for all of us.


The two cake stands were then collected and taken to the kitchen.

The cake stands reappeared shortly after, covered in six sandwiches each, the mini quiches, which were warmed, and some salad garnish. The sandwiches were freshly made and were all very well filled. They were tasty, and there was a really good variety of fillings. The quiche was small but tasty. It was nice to have it in addition to the sandwiches.


When we had all finished our sandwiches, the cake stands were collected again. We were then each given a small coffee cup containing a lemon posset topped with a fresh raspberry. Lemon posset is always a big favourite for me, so I particularly enjoyed this, though it could have been just a little lemonier to be perfect.


The stands were then returned to the table containing the warm scones, cream and jam, and the cakes. Sadly, I slipped up at this point, and forgot to take any photos of the stands, or the scones.

The scones were large and well fruited. They were fresh and tasty and had been warmed up for us. There was enough of both jam and clotted cream for the scone.

Finally, the cakes were all quite small. The strawberry with chocolate drizzled on it was a good addition. The mini pavlova was particularly good.


Sadly, there was one weak link. This was the small, flat square of vanilla sponge. It tasted and looked like it had come from a shop.


I felt this was a particular shame, as there was a dresser in the room, with several interesting looking large cakes for slicing. It would have been so much better to have included a small slice of one of these cakes, or a finger from one of the loaf cakes sitting there.


Finally, there was a small square of chocolate brownie. This was a really good, sticky piece of brownie. It was very tasty.


Service was good and was very friendly. We were offered, and given, more tea when we needed it. This is a nice, friendly place to visit, and offers a good Afternoon Tea.

Ridgmont 3

Cake (variety)1.5
Cake (quality)1.5

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