Cost – £20.00 per person, plus 10% service charge (Sept 2022)

Parking and Access – There is no on-site parking available at the hotel. However, there are a few car parks within walking distance. We parked in the Alma Road car park, which is the one the hotel recommends using. These car parks are chargeable during the day. The room we were served tea in was accessible on the flat from the outside.

There were toilets near to the room, which were also accessible on the flat.

Background – We were meeting up with our good friends, who live near the south coast. We decided between us that we should have an Afternoon Tea together. Our friends suggested The White Horse in Romsey. The Afternoon Tea looked good, so it was booked up ready for our visit and get together.

Contents per person – Three rectangular sandwiches (egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cheese with pickle. Two medium plain scones, mini jar strawberry jam and a small pot of clotted cream. A cardamon and chocolate doughnut, a small square cushion of lemon and raspberry cheesecake, a macaroon and a raspberry finger. A pot of tea.

Options available – There was a sparkling Tea available, with a glass of Prosecco. There was also a children’s Afternoon Tea available.

Comments – We arrived a little late, due to traffic problems, so our friends were already seated at our table when we arrived. We were seated in a sort of lounge area of the hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a photo of this lovely fourteenth century coaching inn as we went in.

The table was laid with pretty white china with a gold leaf pattern around the edge. There was also a glass each, and a linen napkin and a knife and fork. We were also given a carafe of tap water.


After we had sat down, we were asked what we would like to drink. We all asked for a standard tea. This arrived in two matching white and gold teapots, along with a matching jug of milk.


The tea was Teapigs Everyday Brew in tea bags. It was a good strength for all of us.


We later asked for a refill of the teapots, which was provided promptly.

The Afternoon Tea arrived on two half cage cake stands, with plates that matched the rest of the china.


The sandwiches were all fairly well filled, fresh and were tasty. There was a mix of brown and white bread.


There were two medium sized plain scones each, which had been warmed up. The scones were nice and fresh. They were also tasty.

The jam was a mini Tiptree strawberry jam jar each. Unfortunately, there wasn’t quite enough jam for two scones. However, there was just about enough of the clotted cream.


The sweet part of the Afternoon Tea looked interesting and a little different. The macaroon was a standard one that looked bought in, as we each had a different colour. The raspberry finger was tasty and unusual. We all voted the cardamon and chocolate doughnut as the worst of the cakes. It was very dry and none of us particularly liked it. Best of all was the lemon and raspberry cheesecake. It was difficult to pick up, but was nice and was a lovely flavour.


The service we received was alright, but we had to either wait for a while for someone to appear, or go in search for some staff. However, we were the only table in use in the room that we were in, and there was some sort of event going on in another area of the hotel.

Cake (variety)2.0
Cake (quality)1.5

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